Thursday, August 6, 2009

Return of Unemployment

My tutoring hours are officially cut in half for next week then almost nothing after that. Time to start filling out those unemployment forms.

One of my bosses has very, very high standards and informed me as I was leaving today that none of the student writing from the summer program is publishable. The students are 10 years old and have been writing Greek myths, poetry, book reviews, letters to their future selves. They all have blogs of polished writing. We've been reading about a book a week, all above grade level. And apparently I've failed.

So I was annoyed when I picked up the kids from daycare. Daisy asked me if I wanted to hear a joke on the drive home. I said sure, expecting one of her incomprehensible knock-knock jokes.

"There's a man sitting at a bar. He's got really bad gas and the music's loud so he decides to let loose. Everyone looks at him. He's wearing his iPod. Get it?"

Slight stumble in the delivery but funny coming from a five-year-old. I asked her where she heard it and apparently she overheard our daycare provider on the phone. Yeah, really not that funny for an adult. But I did need to lighten up. Probably better I'll be spending more time with the kids. Work on the jokes.

photo: Dex Image/Corbis

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