Saturday, July 11, 2009

Secret Admirer

Stuck at home on Friday. Kids came down with some sort of vomiting bug the night before. Daisy was active from 4:30 to midnight; Violet took 12:30 to 3:00.

Being indoors all day breeds creativity. Daisy suddenly turns to me and asks for paper, markers, scissors and tape. She tells me she will be the mailman and Violet NEEDS a secret admirer. She furiously colors a page then goes upstairs to her younger sister’s room then comes back and starts another one. I know to gather the supplies she needs then get out of her way when she has a vision. She’s a little bit of a tortured artist as very few of her ideas easily translate into something that can be made without a background in engineering.

Fortunately, love notes from a secret admirer are a relatively simple concept. In this instance, it involves drawing hearts and other pictures on a piece of paper then cutting out and taping on various other designs, including the “stamp.” I’m folding laundry when Daisy comes down the stairs and bellows, “IT’S TOTALLY WORKING! SHE IS SO HAPPY AND SURPRISED ABOUT HER LOVE NOTES!”
Who does she think her secret admirer is? “MO-OM! BE QUIET!?” I AM talking quietly. You’re the one who’s yelling! Whispering, “She doesn’t know who it is . . . she said ‘Is it our doggie? Pinecone? Baby Glue? The tortoises? The lizards? The fish?’ She has no idea WHO it is!”

Daisy continues to generate and deliver several love notes and in reality, Violet continues to throw them aside unimpressed. Violet makes her way downstairs with thumb in her mouth, holding her blanket. I can tell she’s tired and can’t go to sleep because of the large volume of deliveries being made to her room.

Daisy runs after her, handing her yet another love note. Violet tosses it aside with no expression on her face. Daisy squeals, “That’s from your secret admirer!” Violet stares blankly at her.

Defeated, Daisy walks away with her head down then returns, declaring dramatically, “SHEEEE HATES LOVE!”

I think I may have just glimpsed the future.


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