Friday, June 26, 2009


I had good sleep last night. You have no idea what that means to me. I had one of those long vivid dreams that I woke up from relieved that it wasn't real, though it wasn't all bad.

At the beginning of the dream, I come home to a Goodwill truck parked in my driveway. I look inside and it's jam-packed with furniture and other household stuff, as well as a huge grizzly bear. I release the bear and it rambles off toward the ocean. I suddenly find myself at the beach on a cold day and watch the bear walk into the water.

I visit a couple who I don't really know in real life and offer them everything in the truck. Their place is empty, so I figure they need it. They accept and I leave.

Then I'm in The City with my friend Quinn. It's a foggy day and we are in some area that I don't know my way around very well (in other words, pretty much anywhere in The City). As I'm walking down the street with her, we get separated and I'm totally lost. I spend a lot of time trying to find her. I realize there's a guy walking with me, and he tells me he'll help me find her. I think I see her turning the corner in front of me, about to disappear out of sight again. I speed up but the guy suddenly pulls me back and kisses me. It's surprising what a good kiss it is because I hardly noticed him standing there before. I walk away from him, sort of disoriented, and catch up to Quinn.

We get in her car and she tells me the couple I gave the truckload of stuff to is badmouthing me because it wasn't really proper for me to give it away. They're disgusted because it's actually a truckload full of donations from other people. I get defensive and tell her I found it in my driveway and we talk about what I should do.

She drives us over the Golden Gate Bridge, and the bridge is a vibrant orange in contrast to the gray and choppy ocean. The traffic is really bad and Quinn is trying to prevent people from cutting in front of us because everyone's driving really aggressively.

As she's explaining how we shouldn't let people cut in front of us, people riding a red roller coaster on an invisible track above us start looping through traffic at odd angles. Some of the roller coaster cars fly off the track and land with a huge splash in the cold ocean. They float away calmly as if it was all part of the ride.

I wanted to write this one down because it involves the ocean . . . I don't dream about the ocean often, but when I do, it always seems to be more significant than the average dream . . . the type of dream that you remember years later. Not quite sure what this one is about.


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