Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nothing to Report

I haven't been writing about job hunting because there really is nothing to report. New jobs are scarce, and I apply to anything over $12 hour within 30 miles from my home - part-time or full-time. Of course, I jump on ANY telecommute job. I look at several categories: education, admin, retail, wholesale, writing, bookkeeping. This is insanity.

I live on Craigslist. I'm familiar with the usual suspects. There are those sucky jobs with the unreasonable expectations and low pay that are relisted on a regular basis. I'm just bitter because I never even got an interview.

There are also the scam artists who fish for bank account info. There's one in particular who often goes by Maximillian. HE WRITES IN ALL CAPS AND HE WANTS TO BRING HIS SON TO YOUR HOUSE FOR THREE HOURS AT A TIME EVERY DAY FOR $100 AN HOUR. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN YESTERDAY. HE JUST NEEDS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS SO HE CAN TRANSFER $1000'S OF DOLLARS INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. PLEASE GIVE HIS SON ALLOWANCE. Sometimes, he changes his writing style and posting enough that I don't recognize him the first time, but then there's the ALL CAPS email. I've flagged him several times and got his account closed on another website.

At least the scam artists get back to me. The otherwise lack of response has pummeled my ego in the one area that I've always been confident about - the ability to work hard and earn a paycheck. I evaluate the multiple versions of my resume on a regular basis. It occurred to me recently that maybe I wasn't getting interviews for non-manager jobs because of my previous title of Assistant Principal. I wondered if prospective employers would think that I would try to take over their world. Maybe discipline them, assign detention and call their parents. So I changed the job title to administrator. Still nothing.

The sad thing is that even if you get the job, you might not get the job. You might never hear from them again. If you're confused, imagine how I feel. I went through the process to become a tutor for a new agency several months ago. I really liked the owner's website and her whole set-up. She was super organized and innovative, careful and precise. She called all three of my references after a lengthy phone interview. She told me I got the job and what to expect . . . then seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. I tried emailing but nothing. Her website doesn't exist any more.

Another job that I got but didn't was an online writing tutor. It was one of those commercial universities for working adults who want to earn college degrees. It sounded perfect for my current situation. I jumped through several hoops: completed two written interviews, submitted an essay and sent official transcripts. I received notification that I qualified and they would be contacting me within two weeks for training. That was the last I heard from them. So disappointing.

My two learning centers are also looking shaky. The more established one bragged about all the work they would be able to get me but it's been lackluster. I agreed to teach summer school but just found out that the classes they assigned me may be canceled. The less established learning center wants me to keep reiterating my commitment and keep time reserved, but they are also seeking students and nothing is happening. The last time I was there, I felt like they were sort of turning on me . . . maybe it's YOUR fault that we have no business. I walked out thinking: GET OUT NOW.

There's my report about nothing.


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