Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Nice and Steady

A few minutes ago, there was an important announcement made from upstairs . . . "American Idol will be starting. I am coming down soon!"

Daisy walks downstairs in a sparkly pink dress and Hello Kitty tights and silver shoes. She's put a big white snowflake sticker over her dress, in the middle of her stomach.

She stands in front of me and sings in the style of Judy Garland with a little Gwen Stefani. I remember to write down the lyrics this time. When I sing them back to her, she falls on the floor laughing like a monkey.
I've been thinking tomorrow
It was a happy day
And now in the moonlight sky
The stars are glowing
And the night is coming for birds to go night
I've never been such in my heart
I nice and steady
Been such
I know my way
So by tomorrow
You been my master pet
I've never been starring myself
I never been a night star
Growing all the way
When the star come out to play
All the moonlight shine strings
And the star weeping
Shooting way
Shooting star

Not bad for 5.


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