Friday, May 8, 2009

Don't Look at Him

Daisy is at a playground with Grandpa recently and a little boy approaches them. He says he's lost a toy, so Daisy asks if he lost it down the grate he is standing on. He says no, he lost it in outer space and begins an elaborate story.

My dad, being a good sport, responds with something like, "If I know you in the future, I'll look for it when I fly my rocket ship to outer space and I'll bring it back for you if I find it."

The boy continues to talk and talk. Daisy turns to my dad and says, "Grandpa, don't look at him." She's hoping that if they don't make eye contact, he'll go away.

I think it's an early example of the difference between male and female communication. Daisy often approaches other little girls with something like, "I'm the baby cheetah and you're the mommy cheetah . . . " From there, they usually drop to the ground and go into immediate role playing. Complex character development and relationships enhance the plot.

For boys, it's often adventures starring themselves and fighting. It's all plot and solo perspective. My dad knew how to respond. Daisy didn't see how she could connect with the boy's story so it was irrelevant.

I'm telling you, men and women speak different languages.

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