Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Sisterhood

Four of my sisters came for a visit this weekend. It sounds a little corny to say sisters but at the same time, college friends doesn't cut it either. We travel from different parts of California to meet as an approximate group something like four times a year. These are lost weekends where real life is sidelined for conversations, interrogations, bickering, eating, games, and more hedonism.

Quinn, who gets along with just about everyone, always arrives with lots of food and drink. Tabitha, who's uncompromising and cranky is one of the few people I know who might ask more questions than me. I know Bindy from high school. She has two daughters as well - one who Daisy idolizes and the other who was born days after Violet. Corina is ultra-feminine and sensual (that description sounds like overkill but it's true).

The only one missing was Daredevil, who brings to mind one of THOSE STORIES. In our twenties, Daredevil became engaged to someone I can only refer to as Dick. Dick is someone she met in her budding career as a lobbyist.

We were invited to the College Friends Engagement Party (the separate engagement party should have been sufficient warning). About a dozen of us drove up to Sacramento to celebrate. I don't know if I speak for everyone but my view on Dick was that he was a little too controlling, cynical and self-involved for Daredevil. However, I usually tend to be overly critical of my friends' significant others, at least initially. I went to the party with good intentions.

Unfortunately, things went awry and the worst of it was my fault. I generously decided to give the first toast, even though I'm not normally one to give a toast at all. There was already tension in the air as a result of Dick not really knowing any of us, and we were all good friends with a long history who were trying to be SUPER NICE to him because he was going to be our NEW GREAT PAL.

So, I began my toast with To Daredevil and Peter, which was met with audible gasps as Peter was Daredevil's ex-boyfriend and not her fiance. One friend sort of diverted some of the initial horror by asking immediately, "Who's taking me home now?" Everyone laughed because I was his driver then nonchalantly moved away from me.

I was just a little nervous when I spoke and had been saying Daredevil and Peter for years. When Peter later heard the story, he told me he would have paid me to do it. It was the first and last toast of the evening. I ended up having a sort of time-out in the backyard as people walked by, shaking their heads in disapproval.

Then friends got a little wild and ended up offending Dick in various ways. We later laughed at how things turned out but not in a mean way. Surely Daredevil, who is tough as nails and has the most obscene sense of humor would have chosen someone who could roll with a few friendly punches.

A couple days later, I called Dick in an attempt to smooth things over. Dick's response was cold and monotone,"At some point, you outgrow your college friends." I responded in a lighthearted tone yet inwardly thought, "Oh no, you didn't."

Of course, the relationship didn't last. They never got married and honestly, Daredevil dodged a bullet for reasons that do not need to be discussed here. More importantly, the sisterhood remains.


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