Monday, April 20, 2009


One more girlfriend post today. Just looked at Craigslist again, and it's stunning how little has changed since last week. What can I really say about that? I'm searching for a positive attitude so I'll talk about the girls.

When we were in college, it seemed like there was always at least one of us who was upset about some guy. There were guys we fought over and guys who were totally wrong for us, who were seriously not worth our time and energy. It's all clear in hindsight, of course.

I have to say that Bindy had some suspect taste in men. I love her husband so it all turned out well in the end but man, I use to worry about her back in the day. (I did steal one of her boyfriends so they weren't all bad.)

Bindy met a guy during her summer home in Southern California. He was older, around 35, and supposedly really smart. Bindy went on and on about how smart he was and in our mean way of talking to each other, we'd say "Then why is he going out with you?"

Bindy IS really smart. She scored in the high 90s on her LSAT and she was at a party the night before where we kept telling her to go on home and get some rest. However, there was something wrong with this older, intellectual guy and I'm not exactly sure what it was.

There was the dictionary. He had given Bindy one of those huge dictionaries for her birthday. I mean, these were still the days of word processors so it wasn't that bad of a gift. It's just that the inscription read something like, "To a girl who should be remembered as long as there are memories." Does that sound like something a really smart person would say? No, it sounds like something a person who was PRETENDING to be smart would say.

I'm not being fair as I never spent any time with the guy so he could have been a genius and I really should just shut up about it. But not before the funny part. Older, intellectual guy comes to visit Bindy at the dorms one evening. The guy has to drive eight hours to see her. There is a growing group of people who are waiting around with Bindy because they are dying to check out Monsieur Intellectual. I, unfortunately, have to leave so I miss the whole thing.

When I return, Bindy and her boyfriend are gone but my friends start shouting and laughing in unison, so I can't understand what anyone is talking about. Finally, I hear what happened. The boyfriend arrives and there's all these friends milling around, waiting to meet him. I'm sure Bindy is nervous and right after she introduces him to everyone, he turns around and walks straight into a pole. Hard.

I'm not sure if anyone even waited for him to leave before teasing Bindy,"I thought you said he was smart!" That poor man. He will be remembered as long as there are memories.


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