Monday, April 13, 2009


A month. That's all I have left of my unemployment benefits. What should have been six months was extended to 14 months, so I can't complain but I'm not really sure what's going to happen next. At this very moment, I'm calm and ready to deal with the unknown. At other times, my stomach goes to knots and I can concentrate on very few things. I think that's why I've been craving stories.

I just need to find a minimum of 10 weekly hours to add to my 10 hours of tutoring and teaching. If I don't find more work, maybe I'll start one of those blogs about how to be frugal in times like these: how to feed your family on $4 a day, how to make summery skirts by cutting up old t-shirts, how to make Xmas gifts by decoupaging magazine pictures onto recycled jars. (Actually, I might do the last one regardless. I have a fantasy of being an artist who only uses repurposed materials.)

So, I'm widening my job hunting net. Applied to my first $10 per hour jobs last week, a mere quarter of what I used to make. Not even sure if it's worth it after childcare and gas. If I get one of those jobs, I guess I'll still be writing that blog: how to work with a 2-year-old strapped to your back, how to make lip gloss out of canned beets and Vaseline, how to make diapers out of kitchen towels and duct tape.

I'm even listening to other people's suggestions, which isn't really my strongpoint. The number one suggestion? Subbing. Here's the deal on subbing. A lot of teachers are expecting to lose their jobs next year so they are taking fewer days off in fear of making themselves look expendable. There's less demand than ever for subs. However, there are more subs available than ever due to the economy. I still paid the $70 for the FBI clearance and $15 for the TB shot.

Back to job hunting . . .


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